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We want each client is to feel positive about their life and choices. We use a variety of effective, research-based therapies that include individual and family sessions for teenagers, adults, and senior adults.


If you have a general feeling of unhappiness or experience any of the following, consider counseling at Spectra Mental Healthcare.


  •  Decreased pleasure
  •  Cry or anger easily
  •  Lonely even when with others
  •  Overwhelmed, hopeless, or think the worst
  •  Feel worthless or guilty
  •  Trouble concentrating
  •  Nervous, hyper, or manic
  •  Decreased energy
  •  Disturbed sleep
  •  Appetite change
  •  Aggressive behavior
  •  Drug or alcohol issues
  •  Illness, loss or disability
  •  Trauma (rape, war, abuse or other critical incident)
  •  Relationship problems (children, spouse, or




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Counseling is available by appointment. Evening Hours Available.