You can have hope.

Personal counseling offers you an opportunity to have hope during on-going life challenges or a crisis. At Spectra, you will be under the care of a licensed psychotherapist who will listen to you and work with you to identify your path “from victimization to thriving”. The past or present does not have to dictate the future.


You can recover.

Often we can feel defeated by life choices, circumstances, or victimization. Recovery from loss, abuse, or trauma of any kind can seem overwhelming or even impossible to accomplish alone. Spectra will work closely with you to help discover the power within you to heal. The power to make more positive healthy choices.


You can thrive.

At Spectra we want to empower you with life skills that will help you thrive. You will receive personal counseling to empower you to face your challenges in a manner that moves you forward.


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Counseling is available by appointment. Evening Hours Available.