"Each of us faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities. I enjoy helping clients focus on the positive possibilities in their lives and empowering them to establish hope, experience recovery, and thrive. Yesterday does not have to dictate tomorrow."

                                             - Karl Bates, LCSW.


Karl Bates is owner/founder of Spectra Mental Healthcare and has been practicing psychotherapy since 1992.


He is licensed in Kentucky and Indiana for the independent delivery of mental health services. He has met all state requirements and is board certified. He received his graduate training from the University of Louisville and obtained two years post graduate studies in psychology for his board certification and licensure.


Mr. Bates has distinguished his professional career successfully treating thousands of clients with a variety of issues. He has extensive experience in program design, training and consulting. He is proud to be routinely called upon to respond to the mental health needs at national, regional, and local tragedies as well as other critical incidents.




7400 New LaGrange Road | Suite 310 | Louisville, KY 40222 | 502.425.8385 | info@spectramentalhealthcare.com


Counseling is available by appointment. Evening Hours Available.